Super Funny Comedian…

You have to check this guy out, comedian Sebastian Maniscalco, whew that’s a mouthful, but he is sooo funny, I first saw him on Comedy Central Presents and the entire time he had me in stitches. Check out the video below, it is my favorite bit of his, but this is just a very small taste. It’s about the patience and slight insanity it takes to be able to shop at Ross. If you like it you can find the full video at this link ~you have to have Adobe Flash Player to be able to watch it (if you don’t have it, it is worth the download).☺


Lets talk about boobs…

Growing up I was a really good student, and my parents impressed the importance of good grades upon me from kindergarten on. I was always so excited when I got an A, it was my mission in life to get straight A’s, which seemed to always elude me by a couple of frickin B’s. But the other day I had an epiphany, I realized there was one subject that I shouldn’t have tried so hard to get an A in…Biology. Because you see, as a woman in the subject of Biology an A is actually below average, B’s are acceptable, C’s are in high demand, and D’s are awesome, but not everyone can pull them off.

This is an A.

Below average A.

This is a B.

The better B.

The elusive D.

The coveted C.

The coveted C.

The elusive D.

I’m sure you have determined that I aced Biology, dammit. But after the early years of stuffing, then later upgrading to a padded bra, I eventually accepted my grade, because as my husband (yes, I know he’s biased) says, “To guys boobs are boobs.” Even though I know of the more popular saying the bigger the better, I have chosen to believe him. Because I have BOOBS, and it’s awesome (no matter what grade I got)!

I have one word… Frasier

 It's Classic

It’s Classic

If you have never watched the show Frasier then you have either been actively avoiding great sitcoms, or you were born in the 2000’s. Either way you should start watching it, all 11 seasons are available on Netflix, or you can pull them up on Hulu, YouTube..I’m sure you can figure something out. C’mon a show does not last eleven seasons if it stinks. Frasier gave us everything from comedy, to romance and forbidden love, to tear jerking moments, and even an adorable dog. Where else can you find all of that these days, along with such a great cast of characters? I mean you have a gay man, playing a straight man, who everyone thinks is gay, but he’s really straight..phew! (Did you follow that?) For those fans of the show they know I am talking about none other then (David Hyde Pierce) who played the incontrovertible star of the show “Niles”. I know, I know, it’s called Frasier, so don’t get confused, or get me wrong, he is the “main” character, and the show would be nothing without him, but let’s face it, “Niles” stole the show. “Frasier” (Kelsey Grammer) gave us the lovable, pompous grinch that made us wince in embarrassment, as he made declarations of his own greatness, usually while making a fool of himself. Don’t forget, he went to Harvard ya know.
Another one of my favorite characters is papa Crane, “Marty” (John Mahoney) who brings such comic timing while portraying a true father figure. The kind that sill strikes fear in his middle aged children’s hearts when they know they have done something wrong. And who can forget the maid… whoops I mean Martin’s home healthcare worker, “Daphne” (Jane Leeves) the object of Niles affection. Along with this great cast of people comes one great canine, “Eddie” played by a few different Jack Russel’s over the course of the show, with some snazzy tricks and big brown puppy eyes he brought lots of laughter and love to the series. There are so many episodes that will have your sides splitting and below is a snippet from one of my favorites, among many others, I hope you enjoy!

Pitch Perfect 2 Confirmed..I’m So Excited!!



I know I’m not the only person stoked by the news that the Pitch Perfect legacy is living on in a confirmed 2nd movie!! I for one can’t get enough synchronized lady dancing to chart topping hits, along with a-ca-mazing musical numbers. I have loved movie musicals since I was a kid, one of my favorite movies growing up was Seven Brides for Seven Brothers among others like, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Footloose, Grease, and more recently Rock of Ages. I also have a tradition every Christmas Eve, before I go to bed, I watch White Christmas and always shed some tears during the final song, it’s just so good. So I guess Pitch Perfect was right up my alley being a musical comedy, and all I can hope is that the 2nd movie will be as great or greater then the 1st. There is definitely hope for the next movie with Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson signed on to reprise their roles as Barden Bellas! Woop Woop. So rock out to this great ditty below, but hold you’re britches (as my mom would say) cuz filming hasn’t even started yet…but I’m soooo excited!